About Indigestion

Indigestion can be pain or discomfort in your upper abdomen (dyspepsia) or burning pain behind the breastbone (heartburn) 5-7.

about-indigestionIndigestion (dyspepsia) is most common after eating but you can get it at any time. You might get it every day or once in a while. Nearly everyone will get indigestion at some point in their life 5-7.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of indigestion:

  • Pain or a feeling of discomfort in your upper abdomen 5-7.
  • Feeling uncomfortably full or heavy 5-7.
  • Belching or flatulence (passing wind) 5-7.
  • Bringing food or fluid back up from your stomach (reflux) 5-7.
  • Bloating 5-7.
  • Feeling sick (nausea) 5-7.
  • Vomiting 5-7.

When to see your doctor?

It is important to see your GP if you have recurring indigestion and any of the following:

  • Unexplained weight loss 5-7.
  • Persistent symptoms of indigestion for the first time and you’re 55 or older 5-7.
  • Difficulty swallowing 5-7.
  • Vomiting 5-7.
  • You see blood if your vomit or faeces 5-7.